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Company Products and Services Line Card

UPS and New Equipment Sales

UPS - Single and Three Phase Power                   Generator Sets – Gas & Diesel                
Inverters / Rectifiers / Chargers                            Computer / Datacom Equipment Racks
Emergency Lighting Inverters                               Battery Charging Systems                        

UPS Rentals  –  Single and Three Phase UPS rentals

UL924 Emergency Lighting Inverters

DSPM    Liebert / Emerson    Chloride

Single Phase and Three Phase Input                   90 Minute or Longer Runtimes
All UL924 Listed                                                    120V, 208V, 277V, 480V, 60 Hz Systems

UPS and Emergency Lighting Replacement Batteries

Including APC, Liebert, Powerware, Best Power & Sola

Batteries and DC Power Systems DC                                                                                         
Leoch Batteries                  Best & Best              Major Power        Newmar Telecom

Hindle Power

Applications include:  UPS, VOIP, Computer Backup, Emergency Lighting
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries                                  DC Chargers
24VDC & 48VDC Battery Chargers                     Rectifiers / Inverters
Modular Racking Solutions                                  Battery Test Equipment
Battery Installation and Disposal                         Battery Testing and Diagnostics

Air Conditioning Systems for Network Equipment

1.0 to 10.0 Ton Air Conditioners                           Primary, Secondary, Supplemental        
Portable and Stationary Models                           Air Conditioned Computer Racking Cabinets

TVSS - Transient Voltage Surge Suppression

Surge Protection from Lightning                       100kA/phase, 200A/phase and Higher
Protection for Equipment Rooms                       Protection for Distribution Panels

SNMP and Environmental Equipment Site Monitoring

Liebert, APC and Uptime Deivces                      SNMP Based Data Center Monitoring
Temperature, Humidity, Water, Voltage          Rackmountable or Free Standing

Electrical Services – Battery Installation

Electrical Distribution – AC and DC                    Equipment Installation and Setup
Data / Equipment Room Systems Integration    Battery Installation and Disposal

 Batteries and Critical Power and Cooling Solutions for Computers,
   Networking Equipment and Mission Critical Applications

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760 Monrovia Ave., #C8
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"Power for the Unexpected"
Leoch     B&B Batteries    Xantrex
Liebert    APC     Rittal     Emerson    Major Power
SBC Data Power Line Card - UPS  and  Emergency  Power & HVAC  Cooling  Systems
Liebert UPS Emergency Power and Computer Cooling
SBC Data Power - Home - Emergency Power UPS Sytems for Computer Servers Network Cisco Switches
SBC Data Power for Computer and Server Emergency Power
APC Emergency Power Symmetra, Smartups, Replacement RBC Batteries
Emerson Power Emergency Power Systems, HVAC Computer Cooling, DC Power
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Argus Alpha Technologies Cordex 48V DC Power UPS
Newmar Telecom 24VDC 48VDC Communication Emergency Power Systems
DSPM UL924 Emergency Lighting Inverters
Hindle - MDS Power AT10.1 AT30 Industrial Battery Chargers DC Power Systems
Deka Unigy Front Terminal Industrial Batteries, 12AVR-1003ET, 12AVR-150ET, 12AVR170ET Batteries