42U and 24U Configurations - 1.6kW - 3.2KW Cooling

 Temperature Controlled Air Conditioned  Computer
 Server Cabinets for Network Computers, Servers,
Switches and Hubs - 1.6kW and 3.2kW Configurations

Pre-Assembled - Ready to Deploy Mobile Enclosures

Need assistance on configuring an air conditioned, temperature controlled
computer enclosure for your office, factory floor or campus environment?
SBC Data Power can help by providing the Liebert Mini Computer Room.

This environmentally sealed, commercial grade, computer enclosure provides
true air conditioning for computers, network servers, VOIP, switches and other
critical equipment requiring protection from over-heating environmentals.

Liebert Corp. and Emerson Network Power have engineered this self-contained
computer room, air-conditioned server rack.  Please contact us for pricing
and application specifics.

The Mini Computer Room is a NEMA12 rated enclosure that provides a
single or dual deployed 1/2 ton, 6000btu, air condition cooling and de-humidifying
systems designed specifically for network equipment.  Configurations
available for 1.6kW or 3.2kW loads.

Each enclosure is provided with a two year on-site factory warranty, with
nationwide coverage / emergency services provided by Liebert Services.

Office  /  Equipment Room  /  Outside Data Center Deployment

Designed for office, equipment room or outside of the data center deployment,
this insulated, sealed and gasketed enclosure provides protection from water,
dust, dirt and heat related failures.   Its locking front and rear doors provide
additional levels of security.

Pre-Assembled / 42U & 24U Enclosures / Ready for Deployment

Pre-assembled prior to shipment, cabinets are designed for 24 x 7 operation.
Options include the 42U (6' 6" height) enclosure, as well a 24U enclosure
(5.0' height) with its top mount AC unit.  Features include Liebert's 1/2 ton air
conditioner, which is powered by a 120VAC, 15 amp circuit.   

Internal rack space provides for 32U or 24U of rack space and includes a
power strip, casters, leveling feet and backup cooling fan option.  Note the
backup cooling fan provision is not available on the 24U enclosure.

This cabinet is a ready made solution.  Reference model numbers HD-788CC00K,
HD-44D00K, FGI-HD788CC00K or FGI-HD788CCC0K, HD788CC00KDIST, Dell A3436668

Note that the Mini Computer Room
does not require an external condensation
pump or water drainage tube, due to its internal heat element.  A unique solution
for our industry.

UPS Protection from Utility Outages

UPS power protection and battery backup is also available, as an option,
provided by Liebert's online double conversion GXT3 2.0kVA / 1600 watt UPS
system.  This 2U chassis mounts into the enclosure and provides protection
from spikes, brownouts or complete loss of utility power.

In the event of power failures, backup cooling fans provide emergency cooling
for your servers and network equipment to ensure their continuous operation.

Overall, this air conditioned computer cabinet will provide years of operation for
your network deployments, providing security, environmental and UPS protection.  

Liebert Mini Computer Room Features:

•   Air-conditioner cooling capacities up to 3,200 watt
•   Air inside re-circulated and isolated from the outside air
•   Air circulation prevents hot spots
•   Uses environmentally friendly R-407C refrigerant
•   Air Conditioners can be installed internally or on top of the cabinet.
•   Cabinets can be free standing or clustered
•   Back-up fan system provided for power failure conditions
•   Optional ducts system for moving waste heat
•   Cabinet Dimensions, Weight and Racking Capacity:

42U Outside Dimensions: 78”H x 23.5”W x 38”D, 580 lbs.
Internal Racking Dimensions: 19”W x 30.5”D

24U Outside Dimensions: 60”H x 23.5”W x 38”D, 360 lbs.
Internal Racking Dimensions: 19”W x 30.5”D

To Download the Liebert Mini Computer Room Product  Brochure -
Click Here

To Download Mini Computer Room Mechanical Line Drawing - Click Here

For engineering and deployment assistance, please contact SBC Data
Power for a detailed price quote.

For Sales and Technical Assistance,
Please Call Us @  949 646-8191
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